Be responsible for Only yourself!

No one is you and that is your super power!

You can only be truly happy in life ,if you love yourself and you believe in yourself. You cannot be happy if you keep seeking validation from others for what you do or what your goals are .

So one needs to understand that we can only control our actions and not of others.

The following things decide your life course to be happy 😃 or gloomy 😞.

Things to taken responsibility of :-

1) Yours words: choose your words wisely ! 90 % of your problems can be solved or escalated by choice of your words.

2) your behaviour: sometimes even after using the right words ,the rudeness and wrong behaviour causes unnecessary negativity in life.

3) your actions: whatever you do , you should own it. You should be aware of consequences of your actions on your relationships , career ,health and wellness.

4) your mistakes: yes ! Mistakes are part and parcel of life. You will make mistakes and that’s healthy way to live but you have to take responsibility of your mistakes and learn lessons from it and move on in life .

5) your ideas and thoughts: The most important factor is your thoughts 💭.whatever you think your attract similar energy!plus your actions ,behaviour and words are also chain reaction of your thoughts and ideas!

So think highly of yourself! Cuz you are the one and only !

P.s you are not responsible for others, what others think about yourself, what words they use for you , what are their beliefs..

You change yourself from within..create positive aura – the positive fellow beings will gel in and negative ones will go away..

Use your energy on yourself ! Don’t waste it by unnecessarily dwelling about others!

Life begins with you ..if you are happy you will keep others around you happy ..with your vibes!

So people, choice is yours:- be responsible for yourself and be happy or think about people others slip into misery!

You should be always work in progress!!

Grow at your own pace!

In life your speed doesn’t matter -forward is forward. Making progress matters!

Living life as a race , tending to advance faster and in quickest way is not happiest and healthiest way to live .

When we compare our growth or failures to others , try to rush our progress while looking at what others are achieving -most of the times, it will lead to low self esteem, unhappy feeling and frustration.

Don’t compare your life to others .There is no comparison between the sun and the moon . They shine when its time.

Does the following thoughts come across your mind often?

– he is earning more than me ?

– she is way more than beautiful than me ?

-he has more friends than me ?

-My car isn’t as luxurious as others ?

– she is more famous than you ?

– he / she can dance , sing , paint ,or whatever their talent is better than you ??

Well my friend lets burst the bubble!! There will be always someone better than you ! But you are unique in own ways , you are here to create your own wonderful story .

So everyone has different sets of backgrounds, problems,talents and personality. Thus achievements will also differ .

Follow these steps to learn to grow at your own pace :-

    Compare only with yourself:- If you really want to keep the yardstick handy , use it with yourself only .compare today’s progress with yesterday’s and if scale is pointing towards forward – it’s positive sign!!

    Age is just a number : never , mind it never! Limit yourself with age . For example thinking that at age of 16 Justin Bieber was superstar but im not famous . Everyone has different timing to shine remember that Colonel Sanders of KFC got success in his old age. So don’t have thoughts like ” i am to be old for this ” age is just number ,its never too late , just keep going !

  • Stop looking at the greener grass on otherside :looking at others can ruin what you have ! While their success or happiness might be just a show off . But you can loose your real self coping up with other’s standards.

    Its ok to be slow but don’t stop : how can you forget the famous turtle and rabbit story . It was the turtle who won . So yeah people Slow and steady wins the race .

    Find your magical trait: yup every human is special! Yes you are special in your own ways . Recognize your talent -magic trait and hone your skills .Move in right direction and your progress won’t be matched by anyone.
    Don’t loose enthusiasm: There can be times when problems will arise in your path , you wont achieve as much as you wanted but don’t loose zeal. Better things are waiting for you .
  • Don’t wait for from others validation :Many times no matter what we achieve or how much we progress,we feel unhappy and discontent because we are constantly seeking validation from others around us .Stop doing that right away. You don’t need someone to tell how good you are doing in life ! Its your life you are the pilot of journey!

So peace out with yourself, grow at own your pace, be happy and shine like a star!

Don’t be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still ” 😊

How big are the little things in life ?

In today’s contemporary world, life has become mere rat race . Everyone is living fast paced life and striving to achieve something big.

For sure having goals in life is important but in era of overachievement humans are becoming robots. Thus resulting into problems like stress , depression ,anxiety and negativity .

Have you ever wondered “where did the happiness disappear from life?”

The real happiness of life is in the little things .

We have stopped enjoying little things , thus becoming too uptight!

When was last time you danced to your favourite song ?

When did you enjoyed a full meal with your loved ones ?

Do you remember the time, when you laughed soo hard that your stomach hurts?

When did you spent a day in lap of nature and felt the essence of tranquility?

Do you spent time on something you love on regular basis ? Or you keep stalling because of so called busy schedule.

If my dear friend you don’t have answers to above questions .

You have forgotten the basic mantra of this journey called life – to enjoy little things .

So from now on start enjoying little things as life is made of millions of them and only 3-4 big things on average.

Try these basic steps :

  1. Always celebrate your and your loved ones little achievements . For instance when you get an increment at job -celebrate! Don’t wait for promotion.
  1. Enjoy nature – A beautiful sunrise or sunset , smell after rain -you will truly feel refreshed.
  1. A good hearted conversation with loved one – nothing can beat talks with your best friend or anyone close . You need not have a reason to talk!!
  1. An act of kindness- a small act of kindness which will bring smile to stranger is source of real happiness.
  1. Enjoy music – sing along the playlist even if you are no Rihanna.The motto is to let loose .
  1. The food you savour -everyone has favourite snack or beverage which brings true joy . Try it often .
  1. Have time for yourself – for doing things you enjoy that can be painting , finishing that book or even shopping.
  1. Value little Gestures in Relationships-Enjoy the simple expressions of love between us and our friends, family or romantic partners .Take note when your friend gives you a compliment, your mom brings over a plate of brownies, or your partner washes the dishes. Remember to appreciate these gestures, say thank you, and show love in return.
  1. Feel the gratitude: Keep Track Of The Small Things.Intentionally notice the things you are grateful for and keep a record of them. You can write them out in a physical journal, type them up in a word document.

With these little things , become a happier version of you because you truly deserve it .

So get up ,enjoy the taste of your coffee , dance to your playlist ,smile with strangers and celebrate this event called LIFE :).